Meet-the-Expert Sessions

Meet-the-Expert Sessions

Meet-the-Expert Sessions will provide opportunities for interaction with professionals in smaller-structured settings.
Join our MTE Sessions to discuss current hot topics and trends in smaller groups led by expert discussants.
These sessions are meant to provide opportunities for closer interaction between beginners and experts in the field, to exchange knowledge and to debate various subjects.


  • Genomics in Public Health: When and How to Use Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Disease Trends in Indigenous Populations in North America
  • Immune Response to Pneumococci and Non-Pneumococci Expressing “Pneumococcal” Capsules
  • Cutting Edge and Conventional Methods for Measuring Pneumococcal Carriage
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • What’s the Latest With Serotype Replacement?
  • The Microbiome and Relevance to Pneumococci Disease
  • Basic Science: Lessons from Animal Models
  • Results from the Child Health and Mortality Preventions Surveillance (CHAMPS) Network: What Really Causes Pneumonia Deaths?

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